1. import and wholesale of natural plant oils as cosmetic ingredients

We have selected a list of African originated oils.
We focus on unique and high quality raw materials such as Marula oil, Kalahari melon seed oil, rose hip oil, and baobab oil.
Please contact us through our inquiry form for a quotation or product details.

2. Import and wholesale of plant extracts and essential oils as raw materials for cosmetics

We also deal in essential oils native to Africa (African Wormwood and 8 other items) and plant extracts (Bruvine frutescens leaf juice and other 6 items). All of the plant extracts have been verified for their efficacy through demonstration experiments. Superfoods (moringa, baobab powder, etc.) can also be imported.
Please contact us through our inquiry form for a quotation or product details.

3. Distributing the original skincare brand, "subi"

Our original skincare brand "subi" is completely natural.
Marula Oil is made from the best organic raw materials, cold pressed to the world quality standard and chemical free. We value earth-friendly manufacturing and packaging methods.

4. Massage oil sales for beauty salons.

We cater to customized orders for the highest quality oil blend.
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<Verde Marula Mission>

1.We provide skincare ingredients and products with ensured efficacy and safety

2.We trade organic ingredients with high traceability, realized through direct connections with producers.

3.We strive for a sustainable society where humans and the Earth can coexist, focusing on ecological preservation and opportunity creation.

<Our company>

Verde Marula, Ltd
〒160-0022, Shinjuku 7th Hayama building 3F, 1-36-2, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Junko Arisaka
Executive directors:
Nami Nakatsuka (Nakamura)
Yukiyoshi Arisaka
Business area:
1. import and wholesale botanical oils as cosmetic ingredients
2. retail and wholesale of original skincare products